Nashet Youth Torch Team

Nashet Youth Torch Team starts the “Think of Others” campaign this year by distributing hot meals

“Think of others” campaign is almost the abbreviation for the goals and objectives of nashet association with its various programs and projects, which are based on exploring the priorities of the most destitute social groups among the Palestinian refugee

Nashet Youth Torch Team distributed hot meals to the affluent families in the camp of Ein el-Helwieh. It is worth mentioning that from the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, Nashet Youth Torch Team and Nashet scout started working on the campaign “Think of others ” and the essence of it is thinking about the pain of others and urge the hand of help and cooperation, Between the relatively affluent and the poorest in society. The idea of ​​sensing the circumstances of others and participating in and contributing to the dissemination of the spirit of cooperation are principles imposed by our religion, our culture and our prevailing customs, which are the principles that form the compass of our work in nashet association and its youth teams.

The group continues in collecting donations for the Think of Others campaign throughout Ramadan.


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