Nashet Scout

Nashet scout organized an honorary party for those who participated in the second camp

Nashet association- Jeal Al Awda Regiment organized an honoring party for detectives who participated in the second camp under the title of: “The martyr camp of Razan al – Najjar” in the presence of Dr. Zafer Alkhateab the Chairman of the administrative body in nashet association and a large number of detective parents.

The ceremony included a variety of scout presentations’ including a competition, silent play, and folklore, making a pyramidal hierarchy, and playing scout music.

Nahida Halima the leader of the leader said that: “the scout movement is the largest voluntary youth movements in the world. It is non-political, open-to-all, its aim is to help young people grow physically, mentally and socially through modern experimental entertainment.

The scout activity is not just about helping elders to cross the street. Actually its and education for life, and a complementary for school and family. The scout is committed to such of principles in life, as his duty towards his land, towards others around, and towards himself. In the end, she thanked all those who contributed to the success of this work, asking God to be the second meeting on the beloved land of Palestine.

At the end of the honorary party, certificates were distributed for those who participated in the second camp “the martyr camp of Razan Al- Najar”.

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