Nashet Scout

Nashet scout- Jeal Al Awda Regiment round of their second camp

Nashet scout- Jeal Al Awda Regiment rounded of their second camp under the title of “the camp of Razan Al Najar martyr” in the presence of the chairman of the administrative body of Nashet Association and members of the administrative body of the association.

Nashet scout rounded of its second scout camp in Ein El Zaarour Camp in Jizzine with a closing ceremony

Attended by the delegation the leader Khaled Awad, the General Secretariat of the Palestinian Scouts in Lebanon, and other leaders, in addition to the participation of families of members, and members of the scout leaders.

The closing ceremony includes the fire night, and various scout shows where it showed the progress they had during the five days they spend in the camp.

The camp consisted of five days, two days of training for the leaders of the regiment by scout leader Jamal Hindawi and three days for Nashet scouts members who were trained by the commanders of the regiment.

The camp ” Razan al-Najjar martyr “ends with a march on foot in the region of Jezzine to learn patience and challenge difficulties.

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