Nashet Scout

Nashet Scouts visit Darb Al Seam Municipality

The Lebanese-Palestinian Convergence in the face of Covid-19

The meet with the Lebanese neighborhood is within the framework of Nashet Scouts’ plan.

A delegation of Nashet Scouts’ Command Council, Jeal Al Awda Regiment, visited Darb Al Seam municipality where they met the president of the municipality, M. Maroon Elias Jiha, and a number of the municipality.

The delegation of Nashet Scouts presented an overview of the regiment, its role, and work especially during this time, as it focuses on providing information and knowledge to the new generation about the dangers of this virus and ways to prevent it, as well as its contribution to provide the available relief and help to the families who have lost their income.

Also, they talked about the miserable conditions that Palestinians are living in during the economic and financial problems in the time of corona spread. The delegation stressed the importance of meeting and promoting openness between the camp residents and the Lebanese neighborhood where social and economic suffering is the same.

For his part, the president welcomed the delegation of Nashet Scouts stressing the depth of the relationship and convergence between the Lebanese and Palestinian people, stressing the openness of the town families to the relationship with all the camp’s activities, and praising the good neighborliness.

He also valued the role of Nashet Scouts announcing the municipality’s readiness to receive scouts in the town and organize joint training between the town and scouts.

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