Alnawras Cultural Evening

Alnawras Cultural Evening mourns the late poet Sabaa Abdel Razek

Al Nawras cultural Evening eulogize the founding member of the late professor and the poet Sabea Abed Al Razek who passed away after a struggle with the disease that lasted for several months At a mass memorial service in the Ghazal Café Hall in Sidon, with the participation of members of the Nawras Cultural Evening, the family of the late deceased and representatives of political and social frameworks.

The memorial begins with a set of verses by the Sheikh Firas Al Shalabi, then Dr. Talal Abu Jamous gave a elegy to the late deceased that included stations of the shared memory and an affirmation of the fulfillment of the values embodied by the poet, and after that speeches were made on behalf of the family of the deceased delivered by the eldest son of Professor Saba Abdel Razek, then speeches of the poet’s friends delivered by Professor Muhammad Al-Beqai and a speech  representing Al Nawras Evening delivered by Dr.  Zafer Al-Khatib.

Then, the poets Noha Awdi, Taha Al Abed and Dr. Intisar Al Dannan read poems of the late professor.

Then poems were written and delivered for the soul of the late poet by the poets Jihad Hanafi, Omar Zaidani, Muhammad Qadriya, and prose to Professor Muhammad al-Shuli, the head of the Palestinian Federation of Palestinian Artists in Lebanon.

The ceremony included a film that covered the stations of the late poet, prepared by the Poet Mohamed Karroum, during which he presented honorary shields from the poet Khaled Zaidan and Nawras Cultural Night.

This was followed by the patented invention of the amazing poet, the poetic professor Noha Odeh, and the poet Dr. Nasrat El-Danana, then poems sent to the soul of the late poet, the masters of the poet, Professor Jihad Hanafi, Omar Zaidani, Mohamed Qadani, Mohamed Qaid, the plastic artists that are in Lebanon.

Khaled Zidan and Nawras Cultural Evening.


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