Nashet Youth Torch Team

Nashet Youth Torch Team visits UNRWA

The continuity of exchanging aid and continuity is a priority

A delegation from the Nashet Youth Torch team visited the Director of UNRWA services in Ein El Helwieh, Mr. Nasser El Saadi, in his office this morning on Wednesday to put him in front of the needs of camp residents.

The delegation explained the people’s concern about the sudden stop of financial aid. Also, they expressed their fear that there is an effort to pass time to confuse the demand to continue and intensify the amount of financial aid considering the harsh living conditions. The delegation demanded the fast cash of the financial aid and to consider all Palestinian refugees in Lebanon social support cases in need of help.

They also mentioned the unjustified delay in not opening the quarantine center in the camp.

The delegation noted the continuous failure of the X-ray machines at the new Ein El-Helwieh clinic.

Mr. Al-Saadi welcomed the delegation praising its role and vitality and assured them of quick solutions to all the demands and promised to transfer them at the maximum speed to the General Director.

Also, the delegation presented a memorandum to the Director-General through Mr. Abed Al Nasser.

Below is its text:

Mr. Claudio Cordini,

The Director-General of UNRWA in Lebanon

By Mr. Abdel Nasser Al-Saadi, Director of Ein El-Helwieh Services.


Nashet Youth Torch team in Ein El-Hilwieh camp is pleased to extend greetings and appreciation to your honorable person and to your international organization for the services it provides to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Our team, which works among the youth in Ein El-Helwieh camp, would like, through its cordial visit to the Director of UNRWA Services in Ein El-Helwieh, to convey through him some remarks to you.

First, we express our thanks for your response to provide urgent financial assistance.  We had hoped that this would be done through a working mechanism that guarantees the safety and dignity of the beneficiaries and secures their accomplishment in a fast time so that people can benefit from them.  Except what happened was a shock to the people and left a bad impression of UNRWA’s performance that until now kept the operation a hostage of time.

We hope that you will urgently take measures to complete the distribution process under safety, prevention, and dignity standards.

Secondly, the economic conditions and the living reality with real unemployment reaching unprecedented levels are not hidden. The insane rise in the prices of consumer goods and inflation rates are no longer tolerable.

Therefore, we ask you to take an immediate decision considering all refugees residing in Lebanon … There are cases of social support that require urgent and continuous assistance periodically until finding a reasonable solution to the political, economic, and financial crisis in Lebanon and the disappearance of the Corona threat.

Thirdly, the Nashet Youth Torch team is surprised by the unjustified delay in the opening of the quarantine center in Ein El Helwieh camp, especially since its equipment has been acquired for a while.  We hope that you understand the moral impact of the opening on the people.

Fourth, the continuous failure of X-ray machines in Ein el-Helwieh leads to the loss of time and money for the beneficiaries at a time when they are in dire need of protection and money.

We ask you to find a quick solution to this problem.

We conclude with my highest regards and appreciation to you and the institution that you are managing.

Nashet youth Torch team in Ein El Helwieh on June 17, 2020

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