Nashet Youth Torch Team

Nashet torch team continue its courses

This Sunday was the date with media, how to do booklet, the volunteers of the team mostly attended this workshop, and participated in its subjects, interaction was big from the attendee, especially on the subject of which societal message the members want to send , many options was suggested freely , by the end they decided to choose a poetic well known phrase to a Palestinian poetry Mahmud darweesh, (we love the life as much as we could),  by choosing this phrase they wanted to say that we as Palestinian deserve the life, moreover , the volunteer want to say that we have a lot of positive and creative things that must be take a suitable interest from us.

They selected also one more phrase which will express there Identity and direction (youth without boarder).

Such kind of discussion will be continue next week, by the end they will prepare a good and acceptable bulletin that will target Palestinian youth in the camp.

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