A Round Table in Nashet Association About Protecting the Weakest Groups Reviewed by Momizat on . Nashet arranged around the table in its center in Ain El-Helweh camp about "protecting the Weakest groups". The meeting was held a month after the conference  t Nashet arranged around the table in its center in Ain El-Helweh camp about "protecting the Weakest groups". The meeting was held a month after the conference  t Rating:

A Round Table in Nashet Association About Protecting the Weakest Groups

Nashet arranged around the table in its center in Ain El-Helweh camp about “protecting the Weakest groups“. The meeting was held a month after the conference  that was hold to discuss the best ways to protect the weakest groups in the Palestinian society in order to follow up the recommendations of the conference and the ways to apply them.

Many leaders in the P.L,O, alliance forces, social and civilian foundations, Islamic forces, and Palestinian public committee participated in the round Table discussion.

The Round table was administrated by Mr. Zafer Al Khateb, director of Nashet Association, Armin koli and Mohammed Balshi from Geneva Call Association.

The participants in the Round Table were: Abu Wael kleib from the Palestinian Association “Hemaya” ,Mohammed Bahloul from Al Najda Association, Salim Issa from the liberation party, Abu sleiman from Ansar league, Issa Hajeer  from Palestinian liberation front,  Ammar Hourani from Al Jihad Islamic Movement, Ali Asslan from the liberation party, Ibrahim Sheriff Ibrahim from “AlHemaya Group Children comittee”, Sheikh Sherif Akl from Al Ansar league, Khaled Younis from Democratic front, Maher Shabayta from Fateh Movement, Abdullah Al Dannan from P.F.L.P, Salah Al Yousef a member in the Palestinian National Council, Shakib Al Aina”Head of realation in Al Jihad Islamic Movement, Abed Al Mekdah”The General coordinator of public committee in the Allied forces, Abu Ishaq Al Mekdah from Al Mujaheda Islamic movement, Khalid Kurdieh from the struggle Movement, Abu Imad Al Jendawi”The pursuing committee”, Mazein Al Anani from the Missing Documentary committee, Ali Assafadi “the head of Fida Movement”.

Mr. Zafer Al Khateb started the talk by explaining the major aim behind the Round Table which is to discuss the recommendations of weakest group conference. Mr. Khateb welcomed the participants  by the name of Nashet Association and Geneva Call. The participants who are the most important representations of the Palestinian society and its political, social, and religious forces received a warm welcome from the director of the Round Table who hoped that continuity of these meetings on the base of organized argument will until the ideas and efforts for the sake of a better life for our society especially the weakest Palestinian Groups.


Mr. Armin added “the whole text is enclosed in email” that we are honored by your presence and participation in the Round Table in which we hope that this will contribute  in improving the life in the camp. Then he introduced an explanation about the organization Geneva Call emphasizing that it is an objective one aims to develop the life conditions for the weakest groups.


Mr. Khateb in turn, adds some important points for the Round Table ” the Palestinian case” as well as depriving the Palestinian people from the rights to return and the policy of the Lebanese authority toward, these rights . The main point of the Round Table was how to care for the problems   and the best ways to deal with them.

Then, Several interventions were introduced by the participants emphasizing on the severe difficulties that are facing the Palestinian people due to their presence outside their country and due to depriving them from their social and human rights.


Moreover, the worst cause is the absence of united reference which leads to dispersion of efforts and changing our problem from a problem of people being kicked out of their country to a mere humanitarian case.

Furthermore, the participants insisted on the responsibility of the international community to apply all the resolutions issued by  UNRWA especially the ones concerning our rights to return to our home land “Palestine” and to offer the social services which are being gradually vanished and disappeared by the UNRWA and several international foundations.

   sheikh Abu Sherif, in his valuable intervention, emphasized on the importance of discussing the recommendations in the Round Table. Then he explained the vital difference in characterization when we talk about the weakest groups. since the Western world deals with it from  a secular perspective while the others deal with it from an Islamic perspective . Later, he commented gradually on the points mentioned in the Round Table especially the ones dealt domestic and school violence, armed children and the like. He added that Islam emphasizes on the importance of cultivation and education of children and determined that the first seven years is his child’s age is to let him play and enjoy his child hood while the following seven years is to be dedicated for cultivation and guidance with respect to women, he said that Islam has given her special privileges that are not exited in any laws or religions. Islam secure for women education and learning in order to prepare her to be a qualified  mother and a good teacher for the new generation in contrary with the western society which humiliates the woman’s rights and freedom by changing  here to a cheap commercial article, he added that Islam is with the cultivation of woman, but against using any kind of violence that could lead to hurt the body. Then, he started to count the attitude of prophet’s sayings about caring for the old people, children, and women.


Mr. Maher Shabayta said that they appreciate the efforts of all the people who work for a better life, environment,  and health. He added that the services and aids introduced by the P.L.O. are based on the donations and supports provided by the Palestinian people, organization and foundation that are interested in offering a better life for the people in the camps. Moreover, the P.L.O has done its best to elevate the life standards during the years of struggles. The last ring, he continues, was when the P.L.O a gave a raise  on the monthly salary of the martyrs families to 100,000 L.L or less, and 350$ to a single martyrs, a hundred dollars to a wife and afford 30% for a health treatment for any Palestinian refugee. In addition to the financial aids given by the Palestinian students fund box that provides helps for all Palestinian students irrespective of their political belongings.


The Round Table ended its activities by addressing a word of thanks to all the forces that aim to improve the social and humanitarian situations in the camp; In addition to their concern about the importance of unity among them that will help in providing security and safety for the camp. All the participants indicated to the importance of applying this unity by forming a common security force and an authorized reference that is powerful to demolish the  aggressions of building illegally on the roads, in addition to prevent cars from causing traffic jam in the camp by parking recklessly leading the children to walk in an un safe conditions during their going to schools.

Hoping to meet again in order to suggest implementing plans for the points they all agreed about for the sake of providing protection for all the weakest social groups.

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